How I Made A Tiara Cake

I am so excited to share how I made a Princess Tiara Cake for a friend’s daughter. I made this mid of September but better late than never, right? Lately, I am so tired from housework that I have no more time nor energy to update my blog.

I try to alternate cooking and cleaning days most of the time. But after our Manila trip last August, I’m finding it very hard to get back to our usual routine. My boys eat a lot lately too so I guess that’s another factor. Instead of cooking just one meal for the whole day, I end up cooking more and doing more grocery shopping too.

Anyway, enough of my whining…it’s time to talk about the Princess Tiara Cake. At first, my idea was to make a simple pink rosette cake. As days go by, I started feeling that a rosette cake is not really fitting for a small child.  Then I thought of making a ballerina topper out of fondant but I’m not sure if she’s still into ballet.

Finally, I saw a princess tiara cake on the net and decided to make that instead. It looks so nice and it’s really perfect for my friend’s daughter. She’s very dainty and girly…just like a princess:)

I searched Youtube on how to make a tiara using fondant and after spending a few days watching videos and looking for design inspirations, I finalized my plan and started working on sketching and planning all the dynamics of the cake.

I find this video from the CakeStyle the most helpful and used this as my reference for the whole cake. I don’t have a clay extruder and I couldn’t find one from Phoon Huat or SKP so I settled on a simpler tiara template design.

I used 80/20 combination of gumpaste and fondant to make the tiara. When I made Cloud’s 1st Holy Communion Cake, I used 60/40 to make a little boy and it dried faster and was more stable than the figures I did in the past.

Here's the little boy I made for Cloud's 1st Holy Communion Cake.

Here’s the little boy I made for Cloud’s 1st Holy Communion Cake.


I had to do the tiara twice though. The first one fell apart after I accidentally left it in a non-aircon room for a few hours. Once again, my observation of storing and completely drying them in an air-tight container with lots of silica gel is still the best way to dry them.


Note to myself as reference: Cake and tiara were collected night before the party and stored in the fridge. Tiara was stable, did not soften, melt nor get shiny during the event. Everything was okay during travel and waiting time for venue check-in which is around 2 hours in total.


tiara fondant topper

Here’s the first tiara I made.

Here's the second tiara that I made and used as a topper.

Here’s the second tiara I made and used as a topper.

gold fondant tiara

Here’s another tiara I made using gold paint on top and color mist spray for the picture below.

As usual, I try to challenge myself so I asked my friend to choose a cake flavor. If you should know, I only have chocolate cake in my repertoire and I would like to expand it the soonest possible time. I have a lot of cake recipes in my “to try” folder and this is the perfect time to try one of them.

My friend chose a carrot cake so I did a bake test a few days before the event. The recipe (which I will share on my next post) is so good that Mr C and I finished half of it while doing our taste test while watching Marco Polo at Netflix.

The fact that B can eat it and eat a “lot of it” is a good gauge, I think. It’s a simple carrot cake that tastes so clean and yummy….very addictive! In fact, I’ve been craving for this for a few days now. I planned on baking some last Sunday for a playgroup but only had time to make my favorite chocolate cake with my newly discovered whipped chocolate ganache frosting.

Anyway, I used American Buttercream again for stability in piping the ruffles. A lot of people in cake forums say that Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) is more stable especially in Singapore weather. But honestly, I don’t have a good experience with SMBC. I can make them well but my problem is it melts during decoration time.

I really need to figure out how to work with SMBC. I love the taste and mouth feel and would really like to use them in the future for all my frosting needs. I have to quickly find a replacement for the very sweet and gritty American buttercream (recipe not shared yet as promised) that I usually make.

There’s a lot of hope though…just finished setting up my new Kitchenaid in the kitchen and I am hoping that SMBC made using that will be more stable. I also plan on trying out the old-fashioned cooked frosting which is less sweet. So yes, I will be very busy in the next few weeks trying out frosting recipes.

And to end this post, here is the finished product….I will not share the Cream Cheese Filling I used as I am not happy with the taste and plan to do more adjustments and testing.

Here's the finished product.

Princess Tiara Carrot Cake filled with Cream Cheese filling and covered in American Buttercream ruffles.