It is B’s birthday again! He’s very persistent  on having a PJ Mask cake for his birthday but honestly, he’s still into Transformers and Rescuebots. I rarely see him watching Pj Mask shows so I tried to convince him to have something else.But never once did he falter….he really likes a PJ Mask cake! Not only that, he has a specific design from Pinterest and would not agree to any other cake design.

Time flies so fast.  I can still remember staying up late a few months before B’s birthday last year; studying how to make his Heatwave cake. It was my very first fondant cake and looking back, I can’t believe that I made a 3D cake for my first project! Talk about being ambitious!!!:) All went well though and I am very proud of that work.

I did not go all out for this cake though. I started selling cakes and fondant toppers so I am a bit busy keeping up with housework to make sure that my evenings are free to work on orders. Also, B started preschool this year so I can’t stay up late as much as I can. I try to limit my puyat (lack of sleep in tagalog) days so I can function well the next day.

Anyway, for B’s PJ Mask cake, I decided to order the toppers and not make one from fondant. I used my fave chocolate cake and did the moon background and buildings out of fondant/gumpaste mix. I used ganache to coat the cake this time since I also have a cupcake order with ganache and I want to save time.

I find the cake too sweet though with the ganache so I’ll probably just go back to using buttercream for filling and coating. As you can see, the cake is not smooth. I panicked and forgot to let the ganache set before covering with fondant:) Didn’t matter to B though, he was very happy with his cake.

B’s birthday cake last year…my very first fondant project.

Notes to myself:

  • use buttercream for less sweet cakes
  • if using ganache, let it rest and set before covering in fondant