pineapple tarts

I used to spend a lot of money on Pineapple Tarts every Chinese New Year. One tub of these treats are never enough for me during the festive season and I never thought that there would come a time that I’ll be able to make them myself. They look tedious to make and for years, I read on Pineapple Tarts hoping to make them but it’s just too complicated for me…or rather…too time consuming!

This year though, I found a real easy and yummy-looking pin on Pinterest and the more I read the post, the more convinced I am that it’s something that I can do. Weeks passed and I totally forgot about it until I saw a ready-made filling on sale during one of my grocery trips. My sister tried to stop me from buying it, knowing that there’s a high chance of it going to waste and I did return the item but I am really drawn to it and couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the Pineapple Tart on my “to try” folder in Pinterest. Using the rationale that I might regret and never stop thinking about the opportunity cost of not getting the item and trying the recipe when I had the perfect chance to do it, I went ahead and purchased the item with glee:)

I was so excited that only a few days passed (compared to months….even years!) before I finally made my first Pineapple Tarts. It was so worth the effort! Honestly, it’s the best tarts I’ve tried so far and to prove myself right, the second time I made it, I bought a tub again from my favorite shop and true enough, my Tarts were more delicious! All credit goes to Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover, of course!

Pineapple tarts (enclosed version)
(recipe source: by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover)

350g butter
100g condensed milk or sweetened creamer
510g plain flour / all purpose flour
2 egg yolks

1 egg yolk +1tsp milk, for egg wash (not enough, I doubled this)

700g Pineapple filling (homemade or store-bought–I used Singlong brand)

1. Cream butter and condensed milk till light.
2. Add in egg yolk one at a time, and beat until combine.
3. Mix in flour, mix till become a soft and not sticky dough. (Really sticky and couldn’t mix well unless I put in cling wrap and try to gently form into a ball. I divided into 2, wrapped in cling wrap then placed in fridge to rest for a few minutes before weighing and forming into balls.)
4. Roll pineapple filling into ball (8 g each) and roll dough into ball (10 g each).
5. Flatten a piece of dough and place a piece of the roll pineapple filling in the middle. Bring the edges of the dough together and press lightly to seal. Roll it in between your palms to shape it into a roll.
6. Cut few lines on the pineapple balls to create pineapple pattern, apply egg wash with a brush. (Too lazy to do this!)
7. Bake in preheated oven at 165C (fan forced) for 23mins or till golden brown.
8. Cool completely before storing.

Homemade pineapple filling

1.5kg pineapple flesh (from ripe pineapple but not over ripe) , process finely in a food processor (do not add water)

250g coarse sugar (adjust accordingly)

1. Cook pineapple flesh together with the juices in a wok over medium low heat until water reduced, stir from time to time.
2. Add in sugar and cook over low heat till thick, stir from time to time, takes about 1 hour.


Ready for sharing

Ready for sharing…yummmm!