minecraft cake

Since I posted how I made my Beach Cake, I feel that it is just right that I share how I made my Minecraft Cake too. I made the fondant toppers using MyCupcakeAddiction’s Youtube video below. They were easy and fun to do but took a very long time to dry. I used 50/50 (fondant/gumpaste) for all except for the TNT since I don’t want to change the color of the red fondant. I also don’t have a food marker so I just used a black food gel for all details needing black.

minecraft fondant toppers

Here are the toppers I made…fun and quite easy.


minecraft tree

I really love this tree! It was not too stable though, have to remember to use toothpicks next time.

Drying time...it's a vicious cycle! Dry and hard, wet and soft...dry and hard...

Drying time…it’s a vicious cycle! Dry and hard, wet and soft…dry and hard…


For the cake base, I used Pinterest for inspiration (here’s the link to my Minecraft Cake Pinterest). The grass block style was the easiest for me to do and I find those made with fondant tiles not too nice. I guess my style is really leaning more on the simple ones…I want a clean and sleek finish and decided that I will be doing the grass in buttercream. For the sides, I used Oreo and graham crackers to create the dirt look.

I initially planned on using SMBC (Swiss Meringue Buttercream) for the grass but since I had a bad experience while doing the Beach Cake (SMBC was melting while I was piping the stars), decided to use the Wilton class buttercream instead. I will be transporting the cake and I want to make sure that it will be stable and not melt…at all!!!

I made some changes on my buttercream recipe though and the taste was not as repulsive as the ones I made during the class and for B’s Tayo cake for his 1st birthday. In fact, I find it tasty…still very sweet though. My only regret was I forgot to use milk instead of water to make it creamier. By the time I remembered, I already put too much water. I’m happy to report that this buttercream was perfect…it was stable and did not give me any trouble at all. I will be sharing the recipe soon…so please watch out for it.

Everything was nice and perfect but it was a rainy day…which is really bad news when working with fondant. I had to wait a while for my friend to come home so the cake was exposed to rainy, non-aircon environment for a while.

The toppers started to get sweaty and soft but other than the signpost, everything was fine. The signpost drooped backwards for a while then eventually, the sign broke off from the handle. It was not so bad though and my friend just placed it back without the handle before the party.

Notes to myself:

  • use toothpick when making any toppers to make it more stable
  • experiment with high humidity SMBC
  • try gelatin-based fondant (more suitable for hot and humid weather)
  • class buttercream is perfect in terms of stability…did not melt at all and easy to color