Hello! My name is Apple. I am a stay at home mum to two boys, Cloud and B. I am a Filipino based in Singapore who enjoys baking but had no choice but to learn how to cook too to feed my family.

Armed with my Mom’s best recipes and thought that I can cook anything as long as I have a recipe, I came to Singapore confident and ready to conquer the kitchen…only to face a lot of failed attempts and unpalatable meals. Turned out that my strategy in baking–strictly follow the recipe–won’t work in cooking.

Four years ago, I gained enough confidence to start cooking again. Aside from my Mom, I have a very supportive sister who would send me various cookbooks and Food magazine when someone would visit us from the Philippines. After successfully trying out some of the recipes from these sources, I was unstoppable!:) I would often visit the library to borrow cookbooks and a visit to a bookshop is never complete unless I check out their cooking section.

My wish to learn and improve my cooking and baking skills inspired me to start this blog. It is my aim to share and document my journey as I try out new recipes that I find online, my yummy.ph digital subscription and various cookbooks.

I am also interested in cake decorating at the moment and  I’ll be sharing some of my work and experiences as I continue to learn and immerse myself in this new and expensive hobby of mine.

So sit back, relax and hope you enjoy reading as I share my kitchen escapades.

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